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The  Horse & Hound Wine Festival 
invites you to participate in this 
13th annual event on
July 8, 2017
Time: 11am to 6pm
The event takes place on the grounds of
Johnson’s Orchards & Peaks of Otter Winery
1410 Elmos Rd, Bedford Va 24523
Muskrat Races

This event uses the Jack Russell Terrier's highly
developed prey drive to swim through water in pursuit
of an artificial lure.

           Dogs of all shapes and sizes are invited to swim
           across the pond in pursuit of an artificial lure. There will
           be three divisions of competition: small, medium, and
           large dogs. The winner in each division will receive a trophy.
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Parade of Horses

The "Parade of Horses" will showcase different breeds
and/or colors of horses. Each horse and rider enter the
arena one at a time and the announcer will read a brief
description of the horse its heritage and its uses. After all
horses have been shown, all will re-enter the arena
together and stand at the rail so that people may talk to
the rider and pet the horse.

Lure Coursing

There will be a demonstration of Lure
Coursing given by Laura Cormier. Lure
coursing is a humane sport which re-
creates the chase of the hare by the
pursuing hound. The "bunny" consists of
strips of white plastic attached to a
continuous loop line that runs through a
series of pulleys to simulate the zigzag
path of a rabbit on the run.

After the demo, all dogs that attend the festival
are invited to try the course.
See Photos
Mounted Search & Rescue Team

Commonwealth Search & Rescue

· CSAR is a state resource and member of
VASARCO (Virginia Search and Rescue

Council), an advisory group to VDEM (Virginia Department of Emergency
Management) in Richmond.

- Members respond to emergencies throughout the Commonwealth of
 Virginia where wilderness, mountainous or urban areas require specialized
 techniques and equipment.

- Each member supplies and carries his/her own provisions and gear.

- Mounted: CSAR's mounted teams provide rapid mobility; increased
 scope of operation; and an elevated vantage point. All horses have been
 tested and certified by state standards to be safe and a qualified resource.